Thursday, May 19, 2011

Campbell to design kindergarten school in Saint Thomas Parish, Jamaica

A recent grad student from the Master of Arts in Education Program at Rosemont to design a kindergarten school in Saint Thomas, Jamaica
            Regina Campbell, a recent graduate (May 2011) of the Master of Arts in Education Program at Rosemont, has embarked on a design/education project for an eco-village in Jamaica. Shortly after turning in her final portfolio, she was contacted by a former classmate from her previous design studies at Drexel and was asked to design a kindergarten school in Saint Thomas Parish, Jamaica. Over the course of a one week charrette, Ms. Campbell completed the schematic drawings, floor plans, details and elevations for a multi-purpose school building for twenty kindergarten children and staff. The 25’ by 40’ school is to open September 2011.
            The project was a challenge and needed to be designed within the parameters of a long metal hurricane-proof structure called a “Quonset,” a difficult structure to design in order to create optimal living conditions. It was Ms. Campbell’s task to craft a school structure that would inspire learning, promote humane qualities, and create an aesthetically pleasing environment. As a designer, she emphasized what she called the ‘architectonics of well being’ and the human aspects of design that should never be neglected. Her experience working with mentor and Classical Architect, Alvin Holm, taught her about the universal values of Classical design and its inherent “green” components.
             Keeping in mind the needs of the local climate and culture of the community, the walls are made using an earthbag method. Other materials used in the design include a vaulted ceiling out of timber and bamboo, and partial screens made from palm leaves taken from a coconut farm.
            Regina Campbell is grateful for this opportunity to be sharing her background and training in both Design and Education to further render the mission of the Eco Village Program, and enable the community to experience a building that inspires and elevates, while promoting excellence and the joy of learning. She is excited to have the chance to visit the site in July with an opportunity to teach a preview workshop for the school.

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  1. Hurrah! I can't wait to see pics - I bet it's lovely!